EVOLVE ORGANIC BEAUTY is honored for 2018 as the leading company for organic organic and natural cosmetics in England through the Beauty Shortlist Awards! Our philosophy is that companies of our kind can not only compete with conventional cosmetics companies, but also surpass them. The motto of the company? Time to take beauty to a higher level! All cosmetics are hand made, with both organic and natural ingredients, both human and environmental friendly, in our small craft shop in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. This ensures the freshness and high quality of all the materials used in the production of our cosmetics. When we buy our own product, we buy a product full of passion and passion for what we do. We make sure to make small batches of each of our products always aiming for the highest quality. If you are observant you will see on each packaging and the name of the person who made each of our products. Our 30 years of experience and dozens of international awards and awards show us that you can follow the evolution of beauty in a unique way!

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