What is House of Myrtle?

The myrtle house brings to life a new generation of maternity and baby fashion by incorporating minimal, modern and sustainable design into unique collections. Based in Athens, the brand was designed as a creative experiment bringing maternity accessories into the realm of fashion infused with a deep love of all things natural and practical.

The introduction of minimalist styles, durable and usable products and fabrics of high quality, covers the needs of modern paternity, while bringing up the refined aesthetics to life. From Silkscreen and digital printing process to fabric cutting and sewing, each product has been perfected by local manufacturers and has been tested to last through the indoor and outdoor adventures of babies, young children and of the parents.

Committed to sustainable living and a lifestyle of a healthy body and a soul the brand creates products born of these very ethical, incorporating design and Eco-conscious mindset into the daily family experience . Using the best natural materials, 100% cotton fabrics and water-based dyes, the interior products reflect a passion for a life closer to nature.

This isn’t just any baby bag, it’s your bag… Doing all the stuff (baby) looks really good.

Join the non-maternity race and get your hands on the most beautiful, elegant and sophisticated (Baby) items

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