Katie Windridge, Mummy in Minnie, Coco & Bailey started Matchstick Monkey with the help of Touker Suleyman from the BBC’s Den Dragon’s in December 2016, when she couldn’t find anything to chew Minnie’s painful gums without hitting badly. Like many other parents, Katie had tried everything to apply pain relief soles/oils and grains directly to the source of pain.
“Since a month, my daughter experienced bad teething pain, it was every 1/2 hours and three months ago she already had her first 3 teeth.”
Kenti Minnie’s daughter was always obsessed with monkeys like many other children and always brought one around, small, tall, thin, fat – if it was a monkey, she would love it.

When Katie had the idea of creating her own teether she realized that having small hands like babies, it was very important to do something easy to keep and that’s what happens when the Matchstick (skinny) part of Matchstick Monkey was born.

Your chewing friend
The original Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy, now sold worldwide in more than 35 different countries, was so successful that we now offer other innovative teething and baby products, such as mussel sesame relief and blankets, plush toys and gift sets.

Matchstick Monkey understands that every moment matters when it comes to your baby and that’s the same for every parent around the world. We believe that design and safety are imperative for young children, so rest assured that our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Ideal for small hands looking for something that holds with ease.

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