Dukan BIO Oat Cookies with Pieces of Chocolate and Orange

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LOW SUGAR! WITHOUT PESTICIDES AND INSECTICIDE! They offer unique beneficial properties and combat the feeling of hunger. They contain only whole grains (with low Glycemic index, rich in fiber): sperp, oat bran. Natural sugars from fruits, without processed sugar. -33% fewer sugars (compared to corresponding trade products). Package: 6 biscuits of 25

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During digestion oats are mixed with other foods and fiber absorbs water so that they create a gel that fills the stomach and creates a sense of saturation. It is often used in all diets for weight loss and low cholesterol.

The great advantage of Dukan oat biscuits is their unique taste. The key to success in a diet of proteins and vegetables is to reward yourself for good effort. This is what Dukan cookies offer you, thank you and compensate for your hard effort and perseverance!


Attack Phase: 1 biscuit
Cruise Phase: 3 biscuits
Stabilization Phase: 6 biscuits
Maintenance phase: unlimited

(in addition to the daily recommended amount of oats)


Ingredients: 26% salysa (gluten)*, margarine* (palm oil, sunflower oil, water, salt, concentrated lemon juice*), coconut sugar*, 12.5% oat bran, 9% drops of chocolate* (cocoa paste, raw cane sugar*, emulsifiers: soya lecithin*), brown rice syrup*, 4% orange granules* (concentrated apple puree*, concentrated apple juice*, concentrated orange juice*, riceflour*, pectin, natural orange aroma*), egg*, concentrated apple juice*, concentrated orange juice*, wheat gluten*, Arabic gum*, bulking agents: dihydrogen phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, orange aroma, natural flavourings, sea salt.
*organic products.
Storage: Keep the biscuits away from light, humidity and heat to stay soft.

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