Dukan Konjac Rice 100gr

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Dukan noodles and rice come from Asia. It is high in fiber, low carbohydrates and calories, making them an ideal food for those who want to watch their diet. What makes these products the best ally in weight loss? They create a sense of satiety, so you eat less!

Διαθέσιμο σε 3-5 ημέρες


Gluten-free, no calories, fat-free!
High fiber content, slowing digestion and exacerbating the saturation sensation
With only 70 calories per 100 g

Dukan Tip: Powdery rice tastes light in itself, so it’s easy to cook and easy to absorb the flavors of your favorite pasta sauce or your favorite accompaniment. For perfect taste, enjoy it as an accompanying meat, fish and/or vegetable.

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Attack Phase: 1 bag
Cruise Phase: 2 bags (equivalent to 2 allowed foods per day)
Stabilization Phase: 3 bags
Maintenance Phase: Unlimited


Tapioca starch, 18% konjac powder, water. Stabilizer: calcium hydroxide, tapioca syrup. Antioxidant: citric acid.

Keep in ambient temperature and away from the sun.
Date expired: On the package.

How to enjoy it: Boil 1 liter of water. Then open a bag of Konjac rice, empty its contents in the boiling water and cook for 12 minutes. Drain & rinse the rice with tap water.


Sometimes we call it “yam rice”. It is produced by glucomannan, which is a well-documented valuable ally in our health, as it maintains good intestinal function, prevents and treats constipation.

The fiber contained in powderrice slows down digestion and exacerbates the feeling that we have had enough, which is a key part of any diet. In addition, powderrice helps reduce cholesterol levels. Research also proves that a diet rich in fiber can reduce stress, which helps improve your health!

Powderrice also helps in Type II diabetes as it slows down the digestion process. By slowing glucose absorption, the pancreas releases more slowly insulin so that sugar levels in the blood are adjusted after each meal.

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