Dukan Mayonnaise 300ml

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Mayonnaise and Ketchup you never imagined you could eat them without counting the quantity. Mayonnaise with 90% less calories and ketchup with 50% fewer calories than common trade. It doesn't take much thought!

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Discover the unique taste of mayonnaise, calorie-free, fat-free!

Common mayonnaise sold on the market contains many calories and lots of fat. Dukan mayonnaise was designed exclusively for people who watch their diet but at the same time do not wish to sacrifice enjoyment. It contains only 7 calories per tablespoon (compared to the 98 calories per tablespoon contained in the classic mayonnaise). In addition, it contains 95% less fat compared to a classic mayonnaise and only 1.2% olive oil!

With 95% less fat than classic mayonnaise
With just 7 calories per tablespoon

It makes every dish unique, adding flavor to it, a mayonnaise for the whole family!

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Attack Phase: Unlimited
Cruise Phase: Unlimited
Stabilisation Phase: Unlimited
Maintenance Phase: Unlimited


Water, Free-range hen egg yolk, Dijon mustard (water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, antioxidant: potassium sulphite, acidity: citric acid), modified starch, vinegar, skimmed milk powder, sunflower oil, salt, concentrated juice lemon, bulking: guar gum & xanthian gum, preservatives: E202, acid: lactic acid, antioxidant: E385 Keep it away from the sun and heat.

After opening, keep it in the refrigerator and consume it within 15 days.
Date expired: On the package.

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