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Soft, protective and waterproof daily care cream for diaper change. Its composition is specially designed for infants from the first day of birth and contains a safe percentage of zinc oxide, pharmaceutical purity for skin protection without hindering normal skin breathing. Its composition is enriched with chamomile oil for soothing and anti-caustic action and with panthenol for the regeneration and healing of the skin. With a delicate texture that spreads easily and is easily removed without friction, before the next spread, so as not to cause injuries to the sensitive skin.

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With a safe percentage of zinc oxide of pharmaceutical purity for skin protection without obstructing normal skin breathing.
Diaper change
Paratrima (The paratrima is severe erythema and occurs in the frogenital area; it is due to sensitive baby skin which is irritated by secretions, diarrhea, friction with the diaper or improper diaper, and poor hygiene.)

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