Frezyderm Baby Gums Gel Τζέλ για Ούλα Μωρών

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Gentle gel that offers immediate relief to baby gums during first teething. It contains a unique combination of herbal ingredients, such as Carnation Oil, Glycriza, Myrrh and Arnica, which treats the unpleasant symptoms that occur when the first teeth emerge. Relieves pain and discomfort, soothes, stuns (numbs) the diseased area, reduces red gum swelling and reduces excessive saliva secretion, while having an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect. With a pleasant natural taste of clove oil. It is not broken down by oral enzymes and saliva Does not irritate the oral mucosa


Completely safe without pharmaceuticals
Alcohol-free, parabens, perfume, colors, sugar and saccharin
Infants over 2 months old
* Inflated, red gums
* Pain in the gums

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