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Anti-wrinkle cream for the area around the eyes, which reduces wrinkles, tightens and re-develops the skin of the area, offers rich hydration and "fills" wrinkles. Immediately you will feel the skin hydrated and elastic and you will get a visibly youthful and relaxing look.

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Carefully holding the baby with one hand, pour a small amount into its head and rub it very gently. Also carefully clean the ears and the area behind them as well as the neck. Rinse with low water flow either under the faucet or by pouring water with your hand.

Useful Information: For the infant’s head we should use a gentle shampoo, and not a product for body and hair, as it will have fewer softening properties than those of the shower gel, so as not to burden the scalp but to offer more hydration to the hair.

Products 2 in 1 for hair and body are not suitable because the care needs of the scalp and hair are different from those of the skin of the body.

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