Frezyderm Colic Relief Massage Gel

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Anhydrous gel that relieves directly from colic. With a carefully selected combination of glycerin and emollient oils of almond, calendula and chamomile that creates a gentle moisturizing film which in combination with mild massage in the infant's abdomen, enhances the effect of simple friction for faster relief. It locally increases the skin temperature by up to 1C without interfering with the microcirculation of blood.

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Suitable for Homeopathic treatment
Spread the gel on the infant’s abdomen. Gently touch your palm and move it down 5-6 times. Hold for a few seconds the infant’s knees bent towards his chest to remove any gases. Continues with mild circular massage at the clockwise direction (clockwise). Repeat the steps above as many times as necessary. 

Extra tip | Cold soles enhance the likelihood of abdominal pains. Gentle massage is also recommended on the soles. 
| Do the massage during the hours when the baby doesn’t suffer and isn’t upset.

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