Frezyderm Hair Force Shampoo Σαμπουάν Γυναικείο Τριχόπτωσης

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Use a small amount with a little water and apply with light massage to make foam, let it act for a few minutes, good rinse. Repeat one more time. Proper and effective treatment of hair loss requires a combination of specialized products and not just a shampoo, which remain for a long time on the scalp and act effectively.

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Trichotonic shampoo with special composition to treat the factors that cause female hair loss. Treats both seasonal and chronic reactive hair loss and weak hair. It offers strengthening of the pockets, strengthening hair growth, protection from wear and reconstruction of the cutthrest. With a neutral pH.
Alopecia due to attraction
Chronic hormone-dependent hair loss
Seasonal reactive hair loss
Weak hair
3 times a week for at least 4 months.

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