Frezyderm Instant Lifting

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It offers action from the first 5 minutes. No parabens and fragrance Immediate tightening serum for the face for directly visible youthful skin without wrinkles and relaxation. It contains a biopolymer of marine origin that creates an invisible mask and offers direct lifting for smooth and youthful effect. Softens wrinkles, reduces skin relaxation, restores elasticity and gives external shine and even tone to the skin leaving a lasting sensation.

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It is the ultimate alternative approach to invasive lifting processes! it is applied to clean and dry skin, all over the face, with gentle straight finger movements from the center outwards, without massage and friction. For 10 minutes avoid intense movements (e.g. chewing, laughing).
It can be applied either 15 minutes before the grooming cream and/or makeup for a non-intense sensation of “pulling” or after the grooming cream for a more pronounced sensation of “pulling” and longer duration of the visual effect.

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