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Integrated treatment of elimination of wear and wear in a natural way, soothes from itching and irritations. The child's head is released from lice and powders naturally, efficiently and safely. The treatment consists of Lice Free Shampoo, Lice Free Lotion and the special comb for the removal of lice. It works mechanically to remove the lice and ensures that its components are not absorbed by the body.


Its effectiveness is based on the essential oils from Tea tree, Crane and Lavender and on the herbal extracts Calendula and Acetum, in combination with the other active ingredients it contains, which treat and remove lice naturally. The action of Lice Free Set, works in all stages of life of lice, powder, nymph and adult, which makes it perfectly effective. It immobilizes the adult louse, thus failing to transfer from the hair to the head to feed and then reproduce. It also inhibits the growth of lice from nymph to adult, interrupting its respiratory tract and finally dissolves the chitin adhesive that holds the powder in the hair. 

At the same time, The Like Free Set soothes children’s heads from itching and irritation caused by phtheriasis, has an anti-inflammatory effect and thanks to the Microbeads it contains, as carriers of ingredients, offers prolonged effectiveness even after rinsing the product. It is very easy to use and only takes a few minutes to implement.

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