Frezyderm Mikellar Water Active Michaelian Water Cleaning

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Active mikyl water for very deep cleansing that at the same time offers strong hydration, anti-aging and protection from pollution. It is specially designed for the needs of the skin that is "bombarded" daily by the aggravating factors of life in the city. Enriched with herbal saponins, an ingredient with extremely high cleansing capacity, it effectively removes dirt, sebum and makeup from the skin while the unique action of marine extrapolysaccharide removes particulate pollutants and protects against the spread of new and heavy metals and free radicals. In addition, the skin's hydration and anti-aging mechanisms are activated to maintain its density, firmness, comfort and well-being. Thanks to its special anti-irritant composition, Miccellar Water is ideal for even the most sensitive skins and is also suitable for removing waterproof makeup products.

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Suitable for

Sensitive, intolerance skins
Skins exposed to polluting urban, domestic, work landscape
Atuna, vibrancy-free skins
Every skin type
Apply morning and evening to face and neck with cotton. Works autonomously or ideally after using De-Make Up 4 in 1. The product remains on the skin and is not rinsed.

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High hydrophilia cleansing oil mixeds |vegetable saponins: Deep cleansing action
Anti-Pollution Exopolysaccharide: Protection against particulate pollutants and exogenous attacks
LMW Hyaluronic acid – Silanol: Hydration, anti-aging, reconstruction, firmness-density enhancement
Biosaccharide Gum-2: Protection against irritation, skin comfort, well-being

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