Frezyderm Mild Wash Liquid Απαλό Καθαριστικό Προσώπου

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Gentle cleansing fluid for normal and sensitive skin. It offers gentle cleaning and does not cause irritation. At the same time, it strengthens the skin's normal defenses, protects the skin barrier, has a moisturizing and softening effect and its cool texture gives skin well-being. It is suitable after cosmetic procedures, in cases of dermatitis and intolerance to common alkaline soaps. It is also indicated for the daily care of the sensitive area during pre-teens and after menopause.

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Suitable for
Facial and eye makeup
Sensitive skin regardless of age
Contact dermatitis
Allergic eczematoid conditions
After dermo-drying and other cosmetic procedures
Skin with intolerance to common alkaline soaps
Hygiene of the sensitive area during pre-teens and menopause
Pre-puberty adiovaginitis

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Mild surfactants: Effective cleaning
Moisturizing and softening agents: Hydration | Softening and anti-follient action
Allantoin | Aloe | Panthenol: Protection against irritation

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