Frezyderm Night Force A & E Anti-Aging Night Cream

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It offers 9.46% skin cohesion enhancement. Anti-aging night cream for the face and neck. Its rich composition in retinol enhances collagen synthesis, regulates cell proliferation, fights the first signs of aging and visibly reduces wrinkles, while vitamin E provides effective protection against attacks of free radicals.

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Moisturizes the skin, increases the thickness of the thin skin and strengthens the skin barrier, which is a shield against exogenous attacks. With a rich, non-greasy texture that is absorbed directly. Apply it before bedtime and get firm, radiant and rejuvenated skin again.
CONTROL FOR * Fine Lines
* Raw wrinkles
* Any skin type, aged 25-45
Isoflavones | Vitamin A in liposomes: Reduction of fine wrinkles Procyanides | Vitamin E: Antioxidant Protection Phytosterols: Strengthening Skin Cohesion Extract Yeast: Stimulation | Tightening | Glow | Hydration

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