Frezyderm Sensiteeth Fisrt Toothpaste

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Toothpaste for the first teething, for infants from 6 months to children 3 years old. The composition of soft and safe for the oral mucosa, protects the first teeth from tooth decay and plaque creation, and the mouth from the growth of microbes, while respecting the physiology of the gums. With an amazing raspberry flavor.

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Free fluoride, calcium, gluten, parabens, aromatic allergins, SLES, soap, color
Quantity in lentil size, in a soft children’s toothbrush. It is recommended to brush the child’s teeth morning, afternoon and evening after the last meal. Useful Information: The bottle should be used for as long as feeding and not as a pacifier for lullaby, because as long as the food in the mouth remains high levels of sugars and acids are concentrated and can destroy the first baby teeth within a few months

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