Health Aid Ester-C Plus 1000mg 30tabs

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It is a different form of vitamin, as it is not found with the ascorbic acid structure but as calcium ascorbic, which results in it being absorbed and remains in the body to a much greater extent. Also, this form is not at all acidic and is suitable for those who have an oversensitive gastrointestinal system.

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HealthAid’s balanced Ester-C Plus 1000mg formulations are enriched with the bioflavonoids Esperidine, Rutin & Browsers, which further enhance its absorption, while contributing to the elasticity of the vessels and additional wild rose & aserola fruit, yielding additional vitamin C, without causing irritation or stomach upset. Suitable for cases of immune enhancement, while particularly useful in the elderly, who exhibit reduced absorption of nutrients, without burdening the stomach.

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