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HealthAid's Hair-vit* is a unique combination of 17 active ingredients to maintain hair health and beauty from root to tip. Suitable in cases of seasonal hair loss and in times of intense stress, for women & men. It is also useful in dull, brittle hair, damaged by dyes, continuous baths and hairstyles, as it is an internal "beauty and shine mask" for hair.

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Vitamins, Metals, Trace Elements & Amino Acids for Hair
During our lives, on a daily basis, a sufficient number of hairs are lost. This is normal in order to renew the pockets and create new ones. Many times, however, for various reasons, this happens to an excessive extent and without the renewal of the follicle, with permanent effect and at worst alopecia. B vitamins help maintain hair health against hair loss and especially graying (PABA, Pantothenic acid). Zinc and Iron support the supply of the follicle and the hair growth cycle. The amino acids Methionine and Cysteine are components of hair keratin and offer antioxidant protection. Hydrolyzed Gelatin is a peptide mixture of 18 amino acids “collagen of hair”, with which it feeds the follicle and the hair itself, contributes to its continuous care.

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