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It exhibits strong and rapid regenerative action. Activates collagen and elastin production Restores elasticity and restores firmness by improving the facial contours. It creates a powerful antioxidant protection film that blocks free radicals. Nourishes and rebuilds the skin. Enhances skin hydration while maintaining its natural moisture. It treats oxidative decay and blurry appearance. It reverses the signs of premature or normal time wear. It has strong anti-aging action and erases fine lines and wrinkles. It transforms the skin by reviving the lost vitality and shine. The skin is velvety to the touch and has a healthy and youthful appearance.

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Histoplastin Red® is a strong regenerative and reconstructive cream. It is intended for intensive skin care and for the quick restoration of its appearance and texture.

It contains the extremely potent regenerative skin agents Alkannins / Shikonins (A/S) in synergistic action with terpenes from pistacia lentiscus oleoresin and Olea Europaea.

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– Nourishing and Anti-Aging Kourtney Kardashian
To maximize the effect, when you have time, apply 2 lentils to each cheek, forehead and chin. To absorb and activate the skin, gently massage 20-30 sec on each area of the face. For better absorption and deep nourishment, it should be applied when the pores of the skin are open, as immediately after:

lukewarm shower
cleaning product in water form

The action time is 1 hour. On youthful skin, it can be enough for half an hour. This is the minimum time required, and the longer the bioactive molecules stay on the skin, the more they nourish it. So do not rinse the product, but after an hour – if you think it needs to – tampons lightly and superficially.

Repeat daily nourishment and anti-aging tiredfor 2 or 3 weeks if needed.

Already with the 1st application you will feel your skin velvety.

In 3 days you will leave that the appearance and texture of your skin has visibly improved.

In 10-15 days the result will impress you. Elasticity is restored and your skin looks firm, healthy and bright. The fine lines have been erased.

In 15-20 days the deeper lines have been significantly reduced and in the long run with systematic use it is possible to disappear.

-Regeneration therapy

To speed up the effect of histoplastin red’s regenerative action, help the ingredients of the cream penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis. You will achieve this by doing deep cleaning and repeating the application 3-4 times in the day.

Deep cleansing from the air pollutants and makeup is achieved by peeling that should be done once a week. Start by peeling in the morning and then apply HISTOPLASTIN RED by lightly massaging for half to 1 minute with circular movements from the inside to the outside of the face to activate your skin. At noon, in the afternoon and in the evening, cleanyour your skin with micellar water and spread HISTOPLASTIN RED.

Morning peeling and frequent after-cleaning with micellar water will help to rapidly regenerate and rebuild your skin to achieve the desired results within a short period of time.

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