Korres Golden Crocus Eye Elixir 18 ml

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Precious, golden eye elixir with the immense power of the fresh extract Krokos Kozanis, first day. The precious spots of Krokos (Greek saffron) are carefully collected by hand and the extract is incorporated into the formula within 24 hours, in order to maintain the maximum antioxidant strength.

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The powerful formula with antioxidants Crocus, B-glucans, peptides and amino acids strengthens the skin and its resistance to daily damage and helps to reduce the appearance of all signs of aging and fatigue around the sensitive eye area. Proven reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the goose’s leg, dark circles and swelling, brightens the eye area and gives a rejuvenated look. In cooperation with the Forced Cooperative of Crocodile Producers of Kozani.

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