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Multi-Guard Advance (formerly Multi-Max Advance) is one of the most comprehensive multivitamins, at the dosage of one tablet per day. This formula provides at quite high levels, all the most important micronutrients. These include selenium and chromium, 2 very important metals, which are often not contained or contained in small quantities in other multivitamin formulas.

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Multi-Guard Advance (formerly Multi-Max Advance) is one of the most also provides satisfactory levels of vitamins K and D for bone health.

Finally it provides high levels of folic acid and vitamin B12, something very important for the health of the cardiovascular system (control of blood homocysteine levels).

But what differentiates the Multi Guard Advance formula from similar formulations on the market is its content of powerful antioxidants. Specifically, it contains green tea, one of the most widely known antioxidants (at levels corresponding to a cup of fresh green tea) and lutein which is known to contribute to eye health. For lutein, it is contained in 2mg per tablet, a significant level much higher than the lutein levels contained in other multivitamin formulas for people over 50 years of age on the market.

Finally, Multi-Guard Advance, provides high potency curcumin extract (Turmeric) at levels corresponding to a teaspoon of spice. This dosage of curcumin is the same as that used in many scientific publications, concerning the beneficial role that curcumin plays in maintaining the health of people who follow Eastern Diet.

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