Lamberts Multi-Guard Control 120tabs

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Multi-Guard® Control is a specially designed multivitamin formulation, which aims to maintain a smoother balance of the body's energy reserves between main meals.

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The formula provides adequate levels of 26 micronutrients (making it an excellent multivitamin for everyone), including:
– Significant levels of vitamin C and all B vitamins (contribute to the normal functioning of metabolic processes aimed at energy production).
– 200mg chromium (contributes to the normal metabolism of macronunutrients and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels).
– 300mg magnesium (a component of many enzymes involved in the breakdown of blood sugar and is incomplete in diets based on starchy foods).
– 15mg zinc (contributes to normal carbohydrate metabolism).

Finally, a high level of A-Lipoic acid has been added (as clinical studies have shown that it can improve cellular glucose intake, while being a powerful antioxidant) and cinnamon extract.

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