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For Children Aged 4-14 years Proper nutrition is particularly important for children, as childhood is characterized by rapid physical development and increased energy consumption through sports and other activities. Unfortunately, a large proportion of children exhibit specific dietary preferences which, combined with the dietary patterns of the time, lead to insufficient nutrient intake. Multi-Guard For Kids is one of the most complete children's multivitamins as compared to the majority of multivitamin formulations for children on the market that provide only vitamins with the addition of one or two minerals, Multi-Guard For Kids provides adequate levels of all important vitamins and minerals. To avoid unpleasant aftertaste, the metals of this preparation are incorporated by the micro-capsule method.

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Multi-Guard For Kids:

• does not contain sugar and thus does not cause caries.

• does not contain aspartame

• does not contain gluten and other dietary allergens (such as eggs or milk products)

• has a lid

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