Lanes PropolCare Σπρέυ Nose Spray 15 ml

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Nose spray with propolis, blackcurrant, cumin, eucalyptus and wild rose. Medical device with natural active ingredients. Properties Lanes Propolcare, nose spray contains a highly concentrated titrated propolis extract produced using the MAEF method, a certified extraction technique for the production of decertified, pure propolis with increased potency. In isotonic solution for cleaning and moisturizing the nasal mucosa. With additional ingredients that contribute to the decongestion and protection of the respiratory tract, such as natural extracts of wild rose and blackcurrant and essential oils of eucalyptus and cyst.

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Ideal for frequent or daily use without side effects.
Advantages of Use
With a five-way action that cleanses, moisturizes and protects the mucosa, decongests the respiratory tract and contributes to the treatment of rhinitis and mild otitis.
Recommended in
Lanes Propolcare, nose spray is recommended for decongestion and cleaning of the nasal cavity, for hydration and protection of the nasal mucosa (in case of dryness due to external factors such as smoke, dry air or pollen) and as a natural help for the treatment of rhinitis and mild otitis.

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