Munchkin Clear Nose Nasal Aspirator

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Forget the days with classic decapitators, they are difficult to use and often scare babies. The new tube design allows mom or dad to suck up congestion. We know it sounds weird, but parents trust it everywhere. Munchkin has designed it with parents in mind, because no one wants a flu to spread faster than it spreads. Interior chamber design reduces the risk of spreading and requires no filters. Noses are always different shapes, so we have included 3 different tips to find the best fit for your baby. Last but not least, we know that small components can be lost, so we have included a convenient travel case. No nose is going to stay clogged again * Help clogged noses with a decoder that is easy to handle and fits perfectly into your baby's nose. * Includes 3 different silicone edges * The inner chamber prevents germs from spreading * Does not require filters * Storage and transport case * 0-12 months

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