Munchkin Click Lock Green207ml

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Like a bottle, but with a straw. This versatile bob straw glass is ideal for moving from bottle to glass - your baby can drink from the glass at any angle of inclination. With the new glass of bob straw, your baby can hold it as a bottle but drink from the straw. The content comes out of the glass with a straw with a bob at any angle of inclination. And, thanks to the button-lid and Click Lock® function, the glass is ideal for road use. 100% Munchkin replacement warranty in case of a leak! Safe and secure - the glass you've always been looking for. • Water, milk or juice capacity: 207ml • A straw bob so your baby can hold the glass at any angle of inclination • Suitable handles for baby hands • Button lid that covers the straw when on the road • Without BPA, suitable for dishwasher, 6+ months  

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