Munchkin Flip Straw Cup blue 296ml

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See, feel and hear the leakage lock every time you lock the lid in place with a "CLICK". Kids are dirty, it's a fact, But you can avoid at least one type of stain with Munchkin's Click Lock® glasses, which are provided with a 100% leakage guarantee! These innovative baby glasses have a swivel stick and their lid secures without dripping. You can see, hear and feel that the lid is locked, so you can be sure it is not running or dripping. 100% Munchkin replacement warranty in case of a leak. Safe and secure - the glass you've always been looking for. • Water, milk or juice capacity: 296ml • No margin of error - click-secured • Soft, flexible straw that does not drip and rotates up and out when the child wants to drink • BPA-free, suitable for dishwashers • 12+ months  

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