Munchkin Float and Play Bath Bubbles Turtle

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• Bubbles stimulate the baby's vision, hearing and touch • The embossed rings rotate freely around the bubbles. • Bubbles that float and are easily caught by the baby • In different colors and designs • 3+ months

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Love your baby with bubbles that rattle, jump, rotate and shine. These ergonomic toys are ideal for your baby’s first baths

“Does your baby like things that ring, jump, rotate and shine? Then they’ll definitely love Float & Play Bath Bubbles! All bubbles float and contain a game that rattles, bounces, shines and rotates. They are suitable size for small hands and help to coordinate hands with eyes so that the baby learns to reach, catch and shake the bubbles. Colored rings move freely around the bubbles, offering many different textures and movements to explore your baby. With Float & Play Bubbles, the bathroom turns into a treat! All two-piece packs contain (1) fun figure and (1) game that rotates or rings.
One pack of 2 pieces contains a bouncing bob penguin and a colored rotating tray. The other 2-piece package contains a turtle with a bob with a glowing shell reflecting the light and a rattle with colored beads and embossed rod”

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