Munchkin Miracle Cup 360° 207ml Blue

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Drink from the entire 360 ​​° perimeter, without dripping anywhere. The lid closes automatically as soon as the child stops drinking - ideal for road use. Truth be told: young children get very dirty, especially when they start drinking from a glass. Imagine a world without liquid stains - neither on your bag, nor on your bedside table, not even in your child's clothes. Not exactly a miracle ... It's Munchkin's Miracle 360 ​​° training glass. The first glass designed to focus on both parents and children: the Miracle 360 ​​° educational glass eliminates stains and contributes to children's dental health. Because the child can drink from around the perimeter, as in regular glasses, normal muscle growth in the child's mouth is supported. And without extra spouts, straws or other pieces, the Miracle 360 ​​° Training Glass is very user-friendly and easy to clean. So good luck! • Non-orifice baby educational glass • 360 degree circumferential tip that completely eliminates stains • The lid seals automatically when a child stops drinking • Suitable handles for baby hands • Easy to clean without extra valves or fittings  

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