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Munchkin's popular snack ® cup with new looks and new features! Don't your kids stop running when they eat? With the revamped Snack Catcher snack cup® doesn't drip, you don't have to run behind them. These may be running like tornadoes, but that doesn't mean your house should look like you've been hit by a hurricane! Sometimes, it is enough to follow the crumbs to find your child. Munchkin's ® Snack Catcher Cup is here to save you! With a new design, the portable snack cup offers everything you LOVE in Snack Catcher® with additional advantages! The renewed lid is secure and not easily opened by children, while the silicone fins are soft for small hands and do not let crumbs fall to the floor. The ultimate tool for all independent children who eat alone with some skill, but also a lot of clutter. Children like to get snacks from flexible fins on their own, and moms like that fins protect the house and the car from stains. All Snack Catcher cups ® two handles, specially designed for easy grip from small hands. And because snacks only come out of the cup when the child wants to eat them, there is no more food everywhere but in your child's mouth. Everybody wins!

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• Children’s snack cup with rotating lid that secures
• Soft silicone fins for sensitive little hands that hold the crumbs
• Capacity: 9 oz
• Fits most cup cases in the car, car seat, stroller etc.
• Ideal for home, children’s or on-the-go use

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