Munchkin Spoons with Heat Shield 4pcs

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Feed your baby safely with these four spoons that let you know when the food is very hot.
It's fun, but sometimes difficult to figure out when the food is too hot, too cold, or at the right temperature. Munchkin's innovative White Hot® safety spoons will help you and your baby enjoy their first meals. Simply dip the tip of the spoon into your baby's mash to check if it's too hot. If the tip color changes to white, the food is too hot for your baby. Wait for it to cool down, dip it again, and if the tip doesn't turn white, you're ready! You can feed your baby without worrying.

• White Hot® patented system: the tip of the spoon turns white when baby food is too hot (approx. 110 degrees F or 43.3 degrees C or higher)
• Suitable for small stomachs and soft ends that do not irritate the gums
• Long handles for easier feeding
• Free of BPA and phthalates, suitable for dishwashers

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