Oat pretzels with chocolate coating 100gr

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We have all heard of sugar-free hazelnut praline and the only one on the market, Dukan cocoa containing just 1% fat, as opposed to classic 30% fat cocoa powders or low-fat cocoa powders containing 10-12% fat!!! Sweet enjoy for every one who dreams of chocolate.  

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With the new series ‘Extra Gourmand’ you will spoil yourself by doing good!!!

The new Dukan chocolate-coated oats are rich in fiber, magnesium and iron. The unique taste of Dukan Pretzels with chocolate coating makes them irresistible. Now enjoy the chocolate without remorse!

With -30% less fat than classic chocolate biscuits
With only 19 calories per serving

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During digestion oats are mixed with other foods and fiber absorbs water so that they create a gel that fills the stomach and creates a sense of saturation. It is often used in all diets for weight loss and low cholesterol.

The great advantage of Dukan oat biscuits is their unique taste. The key to success in a diet of proteins and vegetables is to reward yourself for good effort. This is what Dukan cookies offer you, thank you and compensate for your hard effort and perseverance!


Attack Phase: 0
Cruise Phase: 4 pretzels
Stabilisation Phase: 6 pretzels
Maintenance Phase: Unlimited


Biscuits: Oats (gluten) 42%, acacia fiber, sweetener: maltitol, rapeseed oil 3%, lean milk powder, full-powder egg, milk proteins: casein, wheat gluten, bulking substance: ammonia and sodium carbonate, natural hazelnut aroma, salt, sweetener: sucralose. Chocolate coating 35%: Dark chocolate, sweetener: maltitol, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma.

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