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Cream with protective ingredients suitable for the care of the symptoms. With ingredients that offer a sense of relief from flames and irritations, they have a moisturizing and protective effect and strengthen the affected area. No alcohol, pigments, oil derivatives & parabens.

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Specialized active ingredients: OGT
Plant oxygenated esters of special treatment with beneficial properties. They enhance the rejuvenation of the skin, providing mild soothing action.
15% Zinc oxide( Zinc oxide), Calendula oil, Vizabolol
They strengthen the epidermal barrier and offer a mild soothing & antiseptic effect, protecting irritated skin from dehydration.
Allantoin, Vitamin E
They help the ability to regenerate the skin. They increase the elasticity and strength of the skin.
Avocado Oil, Provitamin B5, Shea Butter
Nutrients for the skin that offer at the same time rich moisturizing action. They treat dehydrated or irritated skin.
Clinically studied in the German institute Derma Consult

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