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We are a Mediterranean country bathed in the sun most months of the year. And yet clinical research proves that we have a deficiency in vitamin D or else the vitamin of the sun. To see... light our body we need vitamin D3! History has shown that vitamin D is a very important fat soluble substance, which was discovered in the search for the cause of rickets and osteo-softening in children. It is the only one of the vitamins produced in our body, and even more specifically, it is produced in our skin with the effect of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation on its most active form, cholecalsiferol or D3. Countless scientific research in recent years has revealed to us about D3 many important health properties.

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The formula D-Vit3, 2,000iu includes the valuable vitamin D3, which contributes:
Normal absorption/use of calcium and phosphorus*.
Maintaining normal calcium levels in the blood*.
Maintaining the normal condition of bones and teeth*.
Maintaining normal muscle function*.
In the normal functioning of the immune system*.
In the normal functioning of the immune system and in the normal development of bones in children*.
To reduce the risk of falling positively associated with orthostatic instability and muscle weakness. Fall is a risk factor for fractures between men and women aged 60 and over*.

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A few words about stevia
Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is a small shrub and botanically belongs to the family of asteroids. From the leaves of the plant are received the glycosides of steviol, which are 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Their sweet taste makes them a vegetable substitute for sugar. Despite its sweetness, stevia does not yield calories, as the human body cannot absorb it. Today the competent health bodies (EFSA, FDA) recognize stevia as safe for human use. The greatest advantage of this sweetener is its natural origin.

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