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Sky Premium Life Mastic, the 'tears of Chios' in only one capsule, enriched with Inulin. Chios mastic is the precious jewel of the Aegean, a sweet, pure crystal from the aromatic resin of Mastic denderni. This tree is extremely rare and grows only in the southern part of Chios, in the eastern Aegean. The harvest of mastic has been going on for at least 2,500 years, since Greek Antiquity, and is still cultivated exclusively on the island of Chios. The drops of mastic juice that hang from the tree and glow in the sunlight are said to look like crystal tears, which is why mastic juice is known as "the tears of Chios". Chios mastic has been recognized by the EU as a product with a protected designation of origin (PDO). Chios mastic is a unique Greek ingredient and its derivatives can fight many pathogenic bacteria as well as fungi such as various Candida strains. Unique terpenes such as defibrillator, beta-myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, tolimone nemesis and periylalcohol meet the polyphenols of mastic, justifying its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Chios mastic has been used in ancient times as a medicine for gastrointestinal disorders. A large number of studies demonstrate its beneficial effects on the digestive system.

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Chios Mastic appears to have protective properties for the heart and vessels, as studies show that it lowers levels of total cholesterol. Mastic is considered as one of the most important herbal medicines of all time. Inulin is a natural polysaccharide which acts as a prebiotic agent to enhance the balance of normal bacterial flora.
Mastic contains many beneficial bioactive compounds. The main ones are triterpenic acids (such as isomastichedienonal) and triterpenes. These compounds are natural antibiotics and powerful anti-inflammatories.
* May reduce symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).
* It can reduce the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and improve overall well-being.
* Helps in Indigestion.
* Can cure ulcers.
* May help in the treatment of helicobatride pylori infection.
* Fights germs.
* Lowers cholesterol.
* Enhances Oral Hygiene.
* Can help in Diabetes.
* Reduces the symptoms of Gastritis.
Sky Premium Life Mastic is:
* Vegetarian friendly
* No sugar.
* No salt.
* No starch.
* Usage: 2 capsules twice a day, in the morning and evening or according to the instructions of a health care professional.

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* 7-8 drops, 1-3 times daily. It can be used as it is or mixed with 1/2 glass of water or juice.
* For application to the skin: If you use it on the skin, apply 1-2 drops to clean and dry or moist skin and rub carefully. Shake well before use.

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