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Sky Premium Life Vitamin B12 is a dietary supplement with Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin, a water-soluble vitamin that is involved in the function of many enzymes. In addition, it contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous and immune systems, good psychological function and the reduction of fatigue.* In addition, vitamin B12 plays an important role in the cellular division and formation of red blood cells.* The formula also contains folic acid. *These are official health claims by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

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Sky Premium Life Hair is:

* Dietary supplement with Vitamin B12
* Immune boosting
* Fatigue reduction
* Vegetarian friendly

Dosage 1 capsule daily.
Instructions for Use Preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Precautions Do not exceed the indicated dose. Contraindicated for patients with renal insufficiency and cirrhosis of the liver. Store at room temperature. Keep it out of the way of the kids.
Suitable for vegetarians. No sugar, salt and starch.


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* 7-8 drops, 1-3 times daily. It can be used as it is or mixed with 1/2 glass of water or juice.
* For application to the skin: If you use it on the skin, apply 1-2 drops to clean and dry or moist skin and rub carefully. Shake well before use.

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