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For a little sleep on the plane, for rooms that don't have a good blackout but also for a refreshing midday siesta. This dreamy duvet consists of a soft satin sleep mask and a pillow spray with lavender oil to help you relax and make the best rejuvenating sleep wherever you are. Includes: 1 Satin eye mask 1 Pillow spray 10ml How to Use: Step 1: Spray lightly with mist spray on your sheets and pillow leaving a few seconds. Step 2: Place the mask on your eyes and relax with the sedative aroma of lavender oil.

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An English company that creates products with natural extracts and without parabens for the modern woman who wants to take a breather from everyday obligations. Dirty Works combines relaxation along with quality and wonderful aromas with affordable prices. The range includes face, body products, accessories and gift packages. Dirty Works products have a distinct aroma consisting of a mixture of fruit, apricot and cassis combined with notes of rose, yamand orange extract and a base of notes of vanilla and cedar.

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