Munchkin Shampoo Rinser

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• Single ergonomic handle that does not mold • Tear-shaped to fit the perimeter of the bathtub • Easily cleaned • 6+ months

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Protect your baby’s eyes from soap with this flexible jug for rinsing shampoo, covering your baby’s forehead as you pour water.

When you wash your baby, do you feel like you’re trying to catch a fish slipping out of your hands? Don’t worry about it. There is a way to protect your little rebel’s eyes from soap and water (and save your hair tufts)! The convenient rinse jug for Rinse shampoo™ has a soft perimeter that hugs your baby’s forehead so that his eyes stay dry. In addition, it has a handy handle so you can hold your baby upright with the other hand, ensuring the bathroom without tears.

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