Sun Screen Velvet Body SPF 50+

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An innovative translucent body sunscreen that offers a velvety texture to the skin without the feeling of oiliness. Thanks to second skin technology innovation it creates the feeling of an invisible "second skin" for maximum protection ensuring better filter distribution and better application with a simple touch without friction. It does not leave a white complexion, allows the skin to breathe and remains stable in water and sweating. It prevents the signs of photoaging and protects against discolorations created by sun exposure.

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Sun Screen Velvet sunscreen filters:
* Do not penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis1
* Do not penetrate the bloodstream1
* Not detected in seawater2, preserving the marine environment

1. Study and evaluation of UV-filter permeability velvet second skin technology SPF50+ & Color Velvet Second Skin Technology SPF50+ (FREZYDERM) from human skin.
2. Environmental footprint determination study- Determination of sunscreen filters of Velvet Second Skin Technology SPF50+ & Color Velvet Second Skin Technology SPF50+ (FREZYDERM) in seawater.

* Open photopresses
* Photosensitive skins
* Skins with scars, scars
* Prevention of photoaging
* Protection against skin discolorations
* Every age
* Any skin type

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Cover evenly with sunscreen even the difficult spots, such as soles and behind the knees. We apply enough sunscreen. An adult’s body requires a quantity corresponding to 2 tablespoons. Apply sunscreen to dry skin 20 – 30 minutes before sun exposure and renew it every 2 hours, as well as immediately after swimming or wiping with the towel.

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