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There are demanding days when we want to reach the strengths of our organization higher. That's why you've tried Sustenium Plus now. It is a specialized dietary supplement that offers immediate stimulation, just when you need it and with a duration of action as it contains a dynamic combination of high amino acid vitamins and minerals. It is suitable for everyday use and is aimed at the modern man who experiences intense rhythms in his daily life. At the same time it contains 100% of the S.U.P. in Vitamin C & Zinc which contributes to the normal functioning of the Immune System.

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With an excellent combination of amino acids creatine, arginine & 2-alanine in high content (5.4g per sachet)
With thiamine (B1) & Iron contributing to the normal functioning of metabolic processes aimed at energy production.
With Vitamin C & Zinc that contributes to the normal functioning of the Immune System
With Magnesium that helps reduce fatigue and fatigue.
Ideal for demanding days, moments of intense fatigue and stress, for season-changing periods, before & after training.

Suitable for all ages 18+
Suitable for everyday use
With a real orange flavor
22 sachets (with powder dissolved in water) Recommended dose for consumption: 1 sachet per day

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