Weleda Baby Calendula Babies and Kids 200 ml

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Gently cleanse and moisturize sensitive baby skin A bathtub filled with gentle organic calendula, cleanses & nourishes sensitive, baby skin

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Gently bathe your baby with ultra-soft Cleopatra for sensitive skin. The warmth of Calendula and its gentle, soothing action, are combined with the silky sweet almond oil and organic sesame oil for the prevention of dryness, in a truly nutritious composition. It treats the skin extremely well and gently cleanses it. It has been created to offer soft and soft skin, and leaves a fragrant natural aroma of cleanliness.
Cleanses, nourishes and prevents the appearance of dryness on the skin. It supports the natural protective functions of the skin. It leaves the baby with a sense of warmth and of course musmyristo. Without synthetic conservative, aromatic, colorants or raw materials based on mineral oil. Dermatologically Certified skin compatibility, even with sensitive and dry skin.

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Water Almond oil sesame oil alcohol glycerin extract calendula glyceryl SE aroma * Gum xanthane citric stearate glyceryl lemonine * linalolol *


Instructions for use: Shake the bottle and add 2-3 caps to the hot tub. Mix by hand. The water should be between 36 ° and 37 ° Celsius. Wash the bath after use to avoid stains.

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