Weleda Baby Calendula Bath 200 ml

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It helps to calm, relax and relieve your baby at the end of the day. Your baby's skin is precious-for the evening of the bath simply select hot water and the precious natural herbal extracts of Calendula botanical bath.

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A relaxing, evening bath is even more important when the skin is so young. The baby’s skin must be clean, but it still learns how to defend itself from the outside world. Help to develop the most gentle protection with organic calendula extract to soothe the skin and organic thyme to offer warmth and comfort. Calendula surrounds baby skin with a protective mantle, while hot water enhances the feeling of relaxation and prepares the baby for bedtime. A serene ritual for the mother and child.
It treats, calms and helps in the development of healthy skin. Cleans gently. Enhances the soothing action of hot water and prepares the baby for a peaceful sleep. Dermatologically tested, friendly even with very dry skin, as well as sensitive skin. It does not contain synthetic conservative, aromatic or colouring substances or raw materials based on mineral oil. It does not contain surfactant or surfactants.

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Water Sodium chloride juice Proymnis extract thyme extract of Calendula fragrance 1 silicon dioxide Xanthane lemongrass * linalool * geraniol *


Instructions for use: Shake the bottle before use and add two or three lids to the hot tub. Mix the water manually. The water should have a temperature between 36 ° and 37 ° degrees.

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