Weleda Baby Calendula Oil 200ml

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Mild baby body oil for rubbing and massages Feeling like a hug in a bottle-with soft oils that take care of baby skin and help develop its natural defense against the environment


Care that you both enjoy! Calendula care oil surrounds the baby with a warm, delicately scented shell of soft oils. With organic almond oil and sesame oil, extracts of organic calendula and chamomile and essential oils that offer a soft, soothing aroma. Use it for body care or to make hot massages with your gentle touch. The baby relaxes and the skin becomes silky and protected.
Maintains moisture and protects the skin’s natural functions. It offers a feeling of warmth, has a distinctive aroma, leaves the skin soft and soft. It contains only natural oils, it is ideal for baby massage and is dermatologically certified for its excellent compatibility with the skin, even with sensitive skin. Without the addition of synthetic preservatives, flavourings and pigments or raw materials based on mineral oil.

The skin is soft and velvety *
Increase Skin Hydration *
* Parents ‘ evaluation after 28 days

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Sesame oil almond Oil extracts calendula extract chamomile blossom aroma * lemongrass * linalol * geraniol * citrate *
* FROM natural essential oils


Instructions for use: Use as a mild cleanser in cotton or towel. Gently massage or use as dry skin spots. For daily skin care, use after bath or as massage oil. If you prefer fragrance-less oil, try Calendula fragrance-less oil.

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