Weleda Breast feeding oil Stilleol 50ml

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Prepare the breasts for breastfeeding through the massage A completely natural massage oil that contains essential oils and almond oil to prepare the breasts and facilitates breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, it is beneficial to the health of the baby, while it offers a narrower bond between mother and baby. Prepare the experience to be the best possible, using the breastfeeding oil at the end of pregnancy, to warm and relax your breasts. Natural essential oils of marjoram, fennel and cumin are traditionally used to enhance the flow of milk and breastfeeding, while breast massage supports the healthy flow of milk and treats the feeling of pressure in the chest, during During pregnancy.
It has been designed by experienced midwives and pharmacists. The massage with the oil treats the breasts, enhances blood circulation and warms the breast tissue. Regular breast massage contributes positively to the breastfeeding process. Dermatologically tested.
Without synthetic conservative, aromatic and colouring substances or raw materials based on mineral oil.

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From the 38 week of pregnancy, massage several times a day with small, circular motions in front of the chest and side of each breast. Avoid the nipple area and do not use the oil immediately before breastfeeding.

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