Weleda Face Cream With Mallow 50ml

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Soothing cream for extremely sensitive, dry baby skin or skin with Neurodermatitis Mild, natural face cream without added aroma. With Sadromalha, Panchet, Sweet almond, beeswax and coconut-the softest gifts of nature.

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When the baby calms and smiles, the mother can relax. Weleda collaborated with midwives to create infant and child series with Mallow, products extremely soft with extremely sensitive, dry skin and skin with neurodermatitis. The face cream with Mallow combines the gentle touch of soothing organic mallow and mild extract of organic coconut and sweet almond oils. The organic golden beeswax creates a gentle defensive mantle, protects the skin and forms part of the natural, soft aroma. It soothes and protects naturally dry skin and the feeling of itching.
Nourishes, soothes and maintains moisture. Soothes the feeling of itching and protects against environmental influences. Soothes irritated skin. Certified Natural Baby Care, fragrance-less and dermatologically tested for its compatibility with highly sensitive, dry skin and skin with neurodermatitis.
Without synthetic conservative, aromatic and colouring substances or raw materials based on mineral oil.
Calms the skin *
Increase Skin Hydration *
* Parents ‘ evaluation after 28 days

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Water coconut oil sesame oil glycerin alcohol almond oil beeswax Ketearylikos glycosite stearate glyceryl SE oil butter seeds seed oil atraclates part of sunflower oil Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides Tree Extract Gum extract Xanthane lactic acid cappryl glyceryl


Instructions for use: Apply gently to facial skin, daily. Also suitable for adult sensitive, dry skin or skin with neurodermatitis.

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