Weleda Massage oil with almond 50ml

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Natural massage oil that calms the baby's tummy and helps digestion A completely natural baby oil, suitable even for the smallest bellies. Enjoy the intimate bonding that is created between you as you massage and offer peace to your baby


The first communication of the baby is made through touch, mother and baby enjoy the bonding and the hug. The mild massage with natural baby oil warms and relaxes the baby, helping digestion and facilitating the removal of gases. The olive oil massage with almond for the baby’s tummy has created with the help of midwives and pharmacists and contains pure natural essential oils, such as marjoram with heating action, soothing chamomile and cardamom, on a base of light, sweet almond oil. The ideal natural baby oil, for unique moments between baby and mother.

For a relaxing massage in the abdomen, it helps digestion and relieves bloating. Dermatologically tested, designed by experienced midwives and pharmacists.

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Almond oil Aroma * lemongrass * linaloli *
* FROM natural essential oils


In a warm room, heat some oil on your palms and gently massage in a circular motion, clockwise, moving up, around the baby’s navel. Squeeze gently with your hands as you massage. Complete each movement by heading down to the left thigh, to relieve the painful gases in the abdomen.

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