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Prevents the appearance of stretch marks, leaving skin soft and elastic It helps your skin maintain its natural elasticity and durability during and after pregnancy. Prevents the formation of stretch marks through regular massage with natural oil.

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During pregnancy, your body needs extremely gentle care, so you feel good and enjoy the work of nature. Stretch marks oil contains only natural ingredients to protect your skin and support it during changes. With sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil rich in vitamin E and organic Arnica extract for prevention from the appearance of stretch marks, as well as precious oils of Rose, neroli, myrrh and frankincense that unfold their delicate aroma. It is a pure, natural composition that is in harmony with your body during this magical period of your life.
It prevents the appearance of stretch marks, visibly increases the elasticity of the skin, as well as its softness. Keeps the skin hydrated. It has been created in collaboration with midwives and pharmacists. Dermatologically tested and certified natural cosmetics.
Softer skin *
* Evaluation after four weeks

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Almond oil seed Jojoba Oil of wheat germ aroma 1 Blossom extract arnica lemon * linalol * citronelol * geraniol * citrate * gentol * Farnesol *


The massage can be done by you or your partner. Massage 3-4 times per week for 5-10 minutes, from the 34 week of pregnancy. The massage is recommended to be done after a hot bath and after the bladder has been emptied. Moisten your thumb (or forefinger, if the companion does the massage) with massage oil for the perineum and gently place on the skin without causing pain. Insert the finger into the vagina until its union with the other finger. Make gentle, rhythmic massage on the vaginal wall with circular motions, such as the watch markers going from position 3 to 9 and upside down. With each massage, you will feel the tissues and muscles become more relaxed and smooth so that the duration of the massage can be increased. Massage until you feel a slight tingling sensation and continue to massage the tissue between the vagina and the anus gently between the thumb and middle fingers. After the massage, the extra oil can be removed using hot water. If you have any concerns about massage in the area of perineum, please contact your midwife or doctor.

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