XLS Detox Omega Pharm Slimming Preparation 8 Sachets

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Start preparing for slimming, supporting your metabolism and normal digestion! To prepare for slimming, use XL-SDetox to help your body cleanse from toxins, support metabolism and digestion, and restore your gut balance. It contains natural active ingredients, which have been shown to be clinically safe and well tolerated.

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Cleans from toxins and protects against further accumulation, thanks to its effects on liver function and oxidative stress

Improves normal fat metabolism

Supports normal digestion and balancing of intestinal flora

XL-SDetox is made with a unique Microbiome technology, BIFIDOLITE 220TM. It has a composition that enriches the body with 10 billion beneficial bacteria and nutrients. It has been clinically proven that 10 billion BIFIDOLITE 220TM bacteria reach the gut live (Stenman et al.,2016).

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