Scientific excellence about the future of nutritional products

For over 45 years Vitabiotics has been producing, dedicated to research, innovative health care products.

Today, Vitabiotics is the No. 1 nutritional supplement company in the UK, with its products in 85 countries, with an international headquarters in London and two local headquarters in the US (New York) and Asia (Jakarta), maintaining millions of happy consumers around the world. people.

Innovation is the key to Vitabiotics success. This means that the company is constantly on the cutting edge of global research, while remaining receptive to specific consumer needs. Vitabiotics has a unique ability to turn the latest scientific breakthroughs into effective products that are fully connected to the modern consumer lifestyle. Today, the Vitabiotics range includes several leading No1 products in the UK market (Pregnacare, Menopace, Osteocare, Perfectil, Wellman, Wellwoman).

Vitabiotics guarantees maximum technological skill and dedication to excellence.

Products that meet real needs

Over the course of its career, Vitabiotics has created a unique portfolio of products driven by the fundamental desire to provide natural healthcare solutions that are safe, effective and in line with consumer needs. The company’s product research and development team is made up of experts in nutrition, clinical medicine, biochemistry and pharmacology. This specialization helps Vitabiotics continually develop innovative innovative products for various areas of health care.

Vitabiotics was the first company to market products for specific needs.

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